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DC Labor FilmFest

Tim Horsburgh

"Last Train Home, Made in L.A., Waging a Living, Life and Debt, The Uprising of '34, Roger and Me. These are just a few of the reasons Independent Lens and POV must be kept in their primetime slot on primary channels, and PBS must work with stations to ensure that they are carried in this slot. Public broadcasting continues to be a much-needed resource for America's underrepresented groups, enabling the general public to know about underrepresented issues. At the DC Labor FilmFest and other labor films festivals across the United States, we have shown many of the work and work-related films that Independent Lens and POV have broadcast. These are great films and we’re proud to be able to screen them but no matter how successful our film festivals are we can only reach a fraction of the audience PBS reaches on a regular basis. These are critical issues, important and well-told stories and they are absolutely core to PBS' mandate as a service for public broadcasting."

- Chris Garlock
Director, DC Labor FilmFest