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Tim Horsburgh

"My name is Blair Dorshwalter. I'm the director of the documentary Out In The Night. That is going to kick off POV's new season on June 22nd. It's a documentary about a group of African-American lesbians who were attacked in the West Village in 2006 in New York. They defended themselves and consequently went to prison for three-and-a-half to 11 years. We screened a very short version of this film at Bedford Hills Maximum Security Prison for women there a few years ago. There was not a woman in that room who couldn’t identify with the issues in this film. I started pen paling with a few of them. One woman told me that she had never seen a documentary before she went to prison because the only station they get in prison is PBS. Now she writes every time she watches a documentary in prison. We chose ‘POV’ because our audience doesn't get Netflix and they can't afford HBO. ‘POV’ is the only home for Out In The Night, for this audience, for our communities. Every major television station is trying to figure out a way to bring independent documentary films to their regular schedule programming. Why is WNET trying to push us out? We chose ‘POV’ because it’s the only way our audience and our community will see the film. For these black lesbians, ‘POV’ is going to be their megaphone to their communities. Please don't push out. We should be having this conversation expand, not constrict. Thank you."

- Blair Dorshwalter