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Updates and statements from the Indie Caucus.


Indie Caucus update: #PBSListeningTour and Sundance

Tim Horsburgh

Dear Filmmakers,

The stakes couldn't be higher. Independent Lens and POV could be dropped from their primetime slot on PBS...and soon. And that could let them languish in obscurity. That's why we need you to come to the PBS/WNET panel  on Saturday, 1/24 at 4 PM at Sundance in the filmmaker lodge.

Filmmakers like you and we at the Indie Caucus helped to reverse WNET's unilateral and secret decision to move the two series from their primetime slot on a primary channel right before Christmas. But now PBS is saying publicly that they don't know where in the primetime schedule they'd like the series to be. The series that have supported us and their mission to bring diverse voices and audiences to television are in serious jeopardy.

We know Sundance is busy for all of us. And we know, too, that you might have other things on your mind if you are in front of PBS and WNET, like funding, distribution and contracts. But all of those things won't mean a thing if PBS and/or major stations kick POV and Independent Lens into obscurity.

So, if you care about independent documentary, about telling stories America needs to hear, about making an impact with your work, then join us at the PBS/WNET panel. Make some noise at the panel. Read about the first #PBSListeningTour event. And please, SIGN THE RESOLUTION on our Website adding your name to the over 1,200 people that have joined our cause. #keepPBSpublic, #indiecaucus

Thank you,

Indie Caucus

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