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Updates and statements from the Indie Caucus.


An Open Letter to the CPB

Tim Horsburgh

Joseph Tovares

Senior VP for Diversity & Innovation

Corporation for Public Broadcasting



Dear Joseph Tovares:


Re: Review of the National Minority Consortia


The Indie Caucus has become aware that the Corporation for Pubic Broadcasting (CPB) is conducting a review of the entities comprising the National Minority Consortia (NMC) in order to “assess their impact on the public media system and the efficiency of their operations, with a goal of providing the best possible content and services to the American people.”

As a group whose mission is engaging with public media stakeholders, we would like to state our interest in the review process being conducted by CPB. We are independent filmmakers dedicated to expressing the richness of the American experience and therefore appreciate steps that promise to strengthen and enhance diverse content and professional development throughout the public media system.

We understand from our conversation with CPB representatives that the review will proceed in a transparent fashion and that the independent filmmaking community, including Indie Caucus, will be given an opportunity to comment on it.

As the review process goes forward, we encourage CPB to acknowledge the extraordinary contribution of the existing members of the Consortia, which are working under tremendous financial constraints.

We look forward to hearing from CPB about the review process as it proceeds and offer ourselves as a resource.


Very truly yours,

Indie Caucus